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this is fox 5 news at 6 weekend edition. . >> the violence is mounting in the middle east and tonight a ground war is looming i am maureen umem. >> president obama and others said they could expand the assault but they said they would rathered conflict end now. fox david lee miller has the latest. >> reporter: frantically searching for cover sirens jarring israelis throughout the day. israel's iron dome interceptor system shot down two rockets bound for tel aviv sunday night the strikes from hamas
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increasing in intensity. >> there are more significant rockets flying in terms of numbers and sequins coming in five at a time and not just randomly one or two here and there. >> reporter: firing back israel has been targeting the homes of suspected hamas militants in the gaza strip. this hit on a two story house. in the aftermath, children'sbodies are pulled from the rubble and at least 11 people killed. bloodshed is likely to raise international pressure to a cease-fire. on a 3-day asia tour streak bangkok president obama blamed mill faints for starting round of fighting. >> there's no country that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside the borders. so, we are fully supportive of israel's right to defend itself from missiles landing on people's homes. >> reporter: president obama cautioning against a ground invasion in gaza saying the casualties would deepen. despite that, all along the
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border, there are play tunes of railsy troops -- play tunes of israeli troops -- play tunes of ies he -- platoons of race yell troops waiting for the order. >> this is the reality we faced now and before the operation will not be the reality afterwards. >> reporter: president obama says he is been in touch with the leaders of israel egypt and turkey, it appears cairo is taking the lead role and trying to negotiate a peace deal between hamas and israel. along the israeli gaza border, david lee miller fox news. some lawmakers today are demanding to know who created the talking points used by the obama administration after the deadly attack on the consulate in benghazi. they want to determine why so many administration official including ambassador to the u.n. susan rice said the attack was related to an anti-muslim video. administration officials defended the initial response saying it came from the best information they had at the time that didn't compromise
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classified data. we now know more tonight about why the fbi got so involved in the scandal that brought down david petraeus. his former mistress paula broadway is accused -- broadel with a swell accused of sending -- broadwell is accused of sending cyber ep mails to a friend. in this case, the bureau found e-mails that showed they knew the travel schedule. that was enough to keep the fbi involved updating director david mueller and attorney generaleribbing holder. >> president obama is in thailand mark the first foreign hip since winning a second trip in the white house. he went to bangkok to meet the 8-year-old king and after walking with the prime ministerof thailand he attend a joint press conference in the -- and addressed the conflict of israel and gaza. he warned ground invasion would increase the death toll. >> there's no country on earth
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that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside the borders. so, we are fully supportive of israel's right to defend itself from missiles landing on people's homes and workplaces and potentially killing civilians. >> the president will be making a stop in cambodia during the three-nation tour of asia. preliminary numbers show most virginias came to the pollon election day prepared to comply with the voter id law. figures show less than 5% of the more than 11,000 provisional ballots recorded as of thursday were cast because the voter didn't have the proper id. the law requires voters without proper id at the polls to cast a provisional ballot. redskins were reeling and lost three in a row and today they were riding a 5-game losing streak. >> for two must win teams something had to give. and fox 5 sports director scott
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smith is live with the outcome of the this one. scott. >> reporter: yeah, we knew one of the teams is going to get the win. today was really about two quarterbacks one well he was picked off twice and harassed all day. and the other one, turned. >> a -- in a career performance and perfect passer rating rgiii with the big are day who is starting to feel more like a veteran. let's go to some of the highlights today and rgiii, out of the gates looking strong and second redskins play from scrimmage and griin to young. that's -- griffin to young. that's a 6 yard touchdown. 7-0 first. in the second quarter now, skins and it's griffin faking out this trickery here. rolls out and find a wide open robinson and 49-yard touchdown completion and 17-3 burgandy and gold at half. third and 10 third quarter, griffin buying time and he is going to heave this into double
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coverage. moss says don't worry i. he got it. comes down with it and -- i got it. comes down with it. ive fromin 14 of 15. 200 yards and career high 4 touchdowns and perfect passer rates of 158.3. mike shanahan and company on the winning track 31-6 the final. >> this is is a tough to -- this is a tough profession. we lost some games we should have won and you don't get it done and find out what type of character you have and the toughness of your team you know it was a game we had to have. we knew that and the players went out and fought for a full 60 minutes and obviously came up with the plays and obviously the difference in the game. >> it was fun. you know, to go out and play the way we did with the mistakes we had. just not sharp all the way around burk we made the big plays. and i think all the guys are really satisfied with the outcome. >> reporter: so the loosing -- losing streak is over skins improved to 4-6 and it's a
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short workweek as wednesday they head for the big d a thanks giving day on thursday here on fox 5 between the skins and the cowboys. all right. the fans into this game. let's go out to bethesda where karen gray houston is standing by. >> reporter: we spent a lot of time at sports bars on redskins sundays just to check out the pulse of the fans. today we are live at black fin restaurant in bethesda where the fans are hard core. look about every other person has on a redskins jersey. and you know they are loyal when the team is 3-6 heading into a must win game. >> rgiii baby. >> it's what's the city has beenwaiting for. >> reporter: the fans were thrilled to see robert griffin iii work his magic. >> redskins. oh. >> rgiii is the only way to get anywhere. >> reporter: four touchdown pass for griffin after a bye
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week and players withk recharge the batteries or let their guard down. >> we have two weeks of rest and everybody came out and ready to play. that's what we needed a bye week and they put on a strong show. >> reporter: a strong show with foyle leading to the eagles and vick sidelineed from a con cushion. this -- they lost 8 consecutive games against rookie quarterbacks was 8 snuff. >> it's enough. we had to break the cycle sometime. >> reporter: so now the skins are playing two games in five days facing arch rival dallas this thursday. >> i want the game on thanksgiving redskins we will win. >> reporter: so when you ask the fans if this win is going help them with the playoff chances, well, a few of them
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say washington has the shot and some other ones are saying realistcally we should look ahead to the future. back nay you maureen. >> always good to see excited fans. thanks for that. in the meantime, i want to tell you about a chairchg in the d.c. high school turkey bowl. wilson high school has been disqualified. investigators say a player was voery and then it was discovered he doesn't live in the district. that makes him ineligible to play for wilson. but he he played in two league games so the team has to forfeit the games from the record which made them ineligible. and acost yeah will take their -- anacostia will taketheir place. >> it's not unbearably cold but it's chilly enough for the folks to get on the ice. glen tolbart -- gwen tolbart is in the weather center. >> reporter: typical perfect football weather is what we had. i am excited to see the skaters. what a difference. let's look at our maps. we have cloud that are rolling
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in but we will see mostly cloudy skies in the course of tonight but they won't stick around too long. overnight tonight, light winds looking at 40 degrees a light northeastern flow at 5 miles an hour. moving through the course of the week we have a quiet weather pattern ahead. temperatures right now into the 40s and the low 50s everywhere. so we have a pretty quiet week for you. and guess what? turkey day is looking absolutely fabulous. i can't wait to give you an update on those details and let you know what you can expect and, of course, a look at the all-important 7-day forecast. back to you. >> all right, thanks. coming up on fox 5 news 569, a devastating and deadly crash in maryland. we will take you to the scene. >> and why would anyone murder a monkey inside a zoo. that's ahead on the other side of the break. in celebration of over 75 years of our goverernment employees insurance company,or geico.
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fox 4 working a story out of gaithersburg montgomery couldn'ty police say man was arrested after he fired an ak47 in his front yard.
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it happened in the 17,000 block of washington grove lane. police searched the man's home and found four guns. ak-47 and two handguns and a shotgun. charges are pending. a major crash in anne arundel county has left all four people involved dead. sky fox over the scene on marley neck boulevard and freeman shores road in glen burnie. two vehicles were involved and being see it looks like it was a head on collision. investigators have not ruled on what caused the crash thoughch the victims -- though. victims' names have not been released but there were three adults and one child involved. during the presidential debate the president said he would consider trying to get a ban on the assault weapons reintroduced. whether it's fear or styter regulation or fear of a deeper crisis vendors say gun sales are up since the election. we headed out to the three-day nation's gun show in shan tilly to talk with -- chantilly to
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talk with buyers. >> reporter: a packed house for the gun show. by the afternoon some vendors had sold out. t-shirts lying on tables which had been stacked with weapons and ammo. >> many, many, many more people are here buying guns. >> reporter: and aknit. annet runs the shows with her family she is expecting a boost this year post presidential election. >> people were afraid now that president obama is back in and they know before he was president, he said a lot of very antigun things. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. >> this president has done next to nothing as far as like what you call gun control laws. >> reporter: barry says he was happy to go through his background check and wishes more states took extra precautions. >> as far as the purchasing of just unlimited amounts of you know say really deadly assault rifles and you can turn around and sell them to anyone you
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want at any time, i mean that's just asking for trouble. >> reporter: >> reporter: some say any rush of firearms is more about a fear of financial crisis. >> i personally don't think there's more than a very small chance of large-scale civil unrest but there's small chance you would have a fire in the kitchen but most people have a fire extinguisher. >> reporter: either way customers are tacking -- stack up from knives to collectibles and hunting rifles and assault weapons. next step up from assault rifles are machine guns and they are more expensive. today anywhere from 5,000 to 20,000 dollars is what one sold for here. and there's also an additional background check. so it could take you up to 6 months before you have tray gun in your possession -- have that gun in your possession. typical checks are done at the show and training for concealed carry permits is available on- site. >> 175 people this weekend alone. >> reporter: and think pink. elliot says she seen a large
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increase in female customers. >> you think the main thing women are afraid of is assault or robbery or something like that but every since 9/slefn we have -- eleven we have what increase. >> maryland governor o'malley is asking prins prince george's county lawmaker-- prince george's law makers to withdraw a name for delegate elston andasking them until the attorney general to rule on whether the seat is vacant. committee selected greg hall to replace her but the conviction has been modified to probation if judgment, she is eligible to be reinstated to the seat. tonight a fox 5 exclusive. a man convicted murder is cleared by dna evidence but now he has to fight to restore his innocence. he was convicted of murdering a cabdriver more than 30 years and the conviction has been overturned but he yearns for real innocence a certificate
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allowing him to sue for restitution. and now two jurors in the case are on his side. fox 5 paul wagner has more. >> reporter: when he went on trial more than 30 years ago susan was a member of the jury. she and 11 others found enough compelling evidence to convict him in the murder of john mccormick. >> i certainly remembered feeling that the evidence was so strong if it was scientific evidence as it was presented that it was enough for us to question the alibi. >> reporter: in fact an fbi agent told the court there was a one in 10 million chance that the hair didn't belong to him. susan says she remembers careful deliberations but is conlater. >> intellectually i don't feel responsible i think that it was
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a thoughtful process in the deliberations and that we made as a group, we made what i think ended up as a unanimous decision if everybody didn't come along at the same pace. based on what there was that we were offered. emotionally, i feel terrible. >> reporter: another juror anita told the court i remember the other jurors when we got in the jury room saying that if they found the stocking cap with his hair, then he had to be guilty. and that was it. that's what the jury based everything on. how else could his hair get in there unless he had it on? the u.s. torn's office is is not o-- attorney's office is is not opposing the certificate of innocence up to 50,000 dollars for every year he spent locked up. although the judge threw out the conviction she has remained silent on all three motions
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filed with the court. his attorney sandra lebicc says he he need the document because he is jobless and virtually homeless. paul wagner five fox news. two other men ha ho were con-- who were convicted and exonerated receive thecertificate of innocence. judge couldn't comment on the pending case. a break in at a zoo in boise idaho has least patas monkey dead. one of the zoo's two movingies died from blunt force trauma to the head and neck early saturday. security guard reported two men wearing dark clothing took off after being found near the primate exhibit. patas monkies are ground dwelling animals and stand more than 2 feet tall and weigh 35 pounds. a heart worming story of -- warming story of giving in the wake of hurricane sandy. a lot of people are signing up
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to feed and house victims. >> reporter: jeannie is a full- time work mother of two but the dinner is not for her family. it's for the martinez'. a family she met a few days ago. >> if i could make an extra two dinners i am going to do that. if i can donate money i will do that. >> reporter: she met them through her friend's facebook page adopt a family hurricane sandy. most of the volunteers and victims are from the jers yes shore. >> there's a lot of volunteers and it's helping people like you and i lydia we are exactly the types of people that have been affected by this. there isn't anyone that was unscatheed so, just the smallest effort has huge returns. >> reporter: jeannie along with hundreds of others have been making meals and donations and friends like maribel. >> i am still in shock you know i know there's good people out there. and i seen it happen to other people now it's happening to us, it feels overwhelming and i
6:21 pm
am so grateful. >> reporter: she and her family lost almost everything when sandy flooded their long branch apartment. >> we actually had to get rescued by the national guard and taken to a shelter. so we saw it firsthand everything happening. >> reporter: we are the -- where the family is staying is is a bed and breakfast subsidized by fema but dozens of people on that facebook page have even offered up their homes one man flew in all the way from san francisco just so he could help. >> new friendships? >> the best. >> reporter: these one time strangers now share meals and stories of loss but they tell me what they have gained through this experience will last them forever. >> i have lifelong friends now. i really do. >> reporter: reporting from the jersey shore, fox 5 news. experts in leadership are giving the governors of new york new jers canny and the mayor for new york high parks for the performance during the
6:22 pm
storm. chris christie stands out for being outspoken and i head of the curve. every family had twinkies atsometime or another. >> how much would you pay now for it. find out what they are going for on the internet. you might be surprised. till a-- still ahead. ♪
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♪ we're lucky, it's not every day you find a companion
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as loyal as a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. well not a bad weekend
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overall. and we have got cloud rolling in tonight however. but we still have is a ridge of high pressure that's fairly strongly in control. let's have a look at our maps and show you what's happening with the weather headlines. chilly nights continue and not much of a break from that. we are in november. but the temperatures will rise late week. we will get a slight warmup in our forecast. also we are watching a coastal system. and as well, we have got great weather for you for thanksgiving day. so far, it's looking really good. i am happy to say. today's high some 4 to 5 degrees below the seasonal average. we hit 53 at reagan national airport and 51 at bwi-thurgood marshall and it's not too bad right now. it's 49 degrees at baltimore. 52 in annapolis and 49 reagan national airport and 48 aldulles and warmer to the south at fredericksburg at 53 degrees but look at wind chester he a. cool 37 degrees this hour. so as we look at what our overnight lows will be on the chilly side we are going anywhere from the low 30s to
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the low 40s. and that's going to be pretty much the trend as we head through into the course of the week. let's look at radar because we are keeping our close eye on a system to the south. that's a coastal low pressure system that's starting to push its way up into the chorus of the next 24 hours or so. so we will watch that very, very closely. right now it looks like it's going to be bringing us some cloud coverage. back to the weather maps and that ridge of high pressure in control to the north a low pressure system to the south. and that's giving us a northeastern flow that will continue but so far it look like we are going to have some clouds from it. and partly sunny skies as we head through into the course of the tomorrow. and here's the futurecast showing you that system really just pushes its way out to sea. so it doesn't look like we will get anything in the form of precipitation. that's at least good news. here's the turkey day travel, we have got conditions not too bad across the area. it will be fairly calm as far as the east is concerned. by tomorrow about midday, 51 degrees not bad at all. and we are looking at seeing
6:27 pm
mainly temperatures once again into the low 40s tonight and into the 50s for tomorrow. a quick look at the fox 5 seven- day forecast not bad. laura. >> not bad at all thanks very much. some people are cashing in on hostess demise. if you are craving a twinkie be aware the price is going up and fast online. hours after twerchgy maker host -- twinkie maker hostess announced they are closing the doors people bought up the cakes and this weekend many went oncraigslist and ebay to sell them for hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars. who is paying thousands of dollars for these really? the retail price you probably know for a box of 10 twinkies is 5 bucks. >> who's bought twinkies in the last 10 years? i don't know. maybe that's why things are happening. >> all right exactly. trying to follow us trying to keep from following off the fiscal cliff is what most people in the federal government are talking about right now. >> the will it mean higher
6:28 pm
taxes? that's coming up. 
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this is fox 5 news at 6 weekend edition. >> the president obama seems confident lawmakers will come to a deal on the fiscal cliff. >> expiring tax cuts and spending cuts kick in at the end of the year unless that agreement happens. fox peter doocy explains more. >> reporter: while touring a time monday stairity fiscal cliff was on the president's mind and he told a buddhist monk american leaders could use
6:31 pm
his prayers. >> we are -- [audio not understandable] we need a lot of prayer. >> reporter: the president later said he is going to take any good vibes he can get and prom innocent republicans indicated the party knows concession must be made to avoid the fiscal cliff but that's a two-way street. and just because the gop is on board for new revenue doesn't mean they are okay with higher taxes to the tune of 1.6 trillion over 10 years like the president wants. republican congressman tom price said on cnn if we take the president's deal that he brought to the table, you know how many days that pays for the federal government? 8 days. not 8 months not 8 weeks many 8 days. house minority leader nancy pelosi said she won't cape deal without a tax rate increase for the weptiest americans but --wealthiest americans but added there's a sense of urgency that makes her think an agreement is on the horizon. >> the elements for an agreement are there. time is of the essence and the
6:32 pm
quick deer it the more confidence we instill and the by the better he for the economy and american people. >> reporter: republicans senatorrubio said simply that the political branch in dc created the fiscal cliff and it's an example of a dysfunctional process. in washington peter doocy fox news. mont gol rit county he is -- montgomery county executive wants a million dollars to research a proposed rapid funding system it is after a week he said it was not financially workable and sayse says it's not a-- and he says it's not affordable but wants to use the money to analyze three groups. soldiers with post- traumatic stress disorder may need extra help and for sop a -- some of them an app could be the key to recovery. >> reporter: retired army staff sergeant brian sullivan is not alone in his battle with post- traumatic stress disorder. veterans affairs estimates more than half of new veterans are
6:33 pm
seeking treatment for war related mental disorders. >> i was getting angry. it's outbursts with my wife and i was having difficulty sleeping. >> anxiety and sleep problems. >> reporter: he turned to pe coach a unique smart phone app designed by the defense department to help soldiers recover from ptsd. >> in this treatment they are asked to listen to the recording of them revisiting the memory of what's haunting them daily. as part of their homework. >> reporter: they listened to recordings of their therapy sessions to help them relive and therefore overcome their fears.therapists use the same program to help keep sold years on track by monitoring -- soldiers on track by monitoring progress. it's an emerging trend where technology can help reduce post combat stress. >> it makes sense to leverage
6:34 pm
the capabilities and destria's support health care needs. >> reporter: today, sullivan feels more confident controlling stressful triggers anticipating being a tests he once avoided. >> -- he once avoided. >> starting to get control of my life. >> reporter: he says it's been a long road to recovery but for the first time, he is starting to see results. >> you are getting to understand what went wrong and that you don't have anything wrong. it's just you are not the average person. >> reporter: in atlanta, elizabeth pran fox news. a top lawmaker is calling for an overhaul of the cell phone industry in the wake of hurricane sandy. new york senator schumer wants communication companies to work together to avoid another massive failure of service. he is asking the federal communication commission to require cell provideers to have emergency power source like backup generators at tower sites. >> we are also asking them to explore ways to harden cell
6:35 pm
infrastructure make it less susceptible to damage. goal is simple no matter the disaster there's uninterrupted cell phone service for first responders and citizens who lost power. >> nearly 1 in 4 customers were without cell service for days when the storm hit. losing a child to suicide would be an unimaginable pain. there are signs that a suicide is about to happen. as. one of the easiest ways to keep track of your child's mind is to keep an eye on their smart phone phone. >> reporter: bubbly beautiful and bright are a few ways many would describe her. >> very happy. very good hearted child. >> reporter: at 17 years old, high school senior ashley duncan stood 5 feet 11 inches tall. she did some modeling was called daddy's little girl and
6:36 pm
was a big fan of volleyball. >> she played in middle school and she played in high school. >> reporter: but her social media posts were the opposite. they were often ugly, dark and clearly cried out for help saying things like god is torturing me keeping me here i am ready for life to be over. if you know what it feels like to want to die every minute, second, hour, day, week, month year you feel me. >> you feel cheated sometimes that i didn't know how deep this was. >> reporter: friends saw the posts ashley's parents a veteran police officer and a long time registered nurse didn't until it was too late. >> we did a lot. and you pick up signs. >> reporter: on the morning of january 30th the teen posted a picture of a revolver and the words, i finally got a gun. before that, the teen's mom received the worst text message of her life. >> i saw the text and i was in
6:37 pm
shock. >> reporter: mrs. duncan has the message on her phone. >> i took daddy's gun and i am tired. i am sorry mom i can't do this anymore i love you bye. >> reporter: ashley took her dad's police issued service weapon walked down to a nearby stream and took her own life. what used to be a private note on the dresser is now ending up very public messages on the internet. >> because they are afraid to talk to someone face-to-face. might be the only way they know to get it it. >> reporter: psychologist knox says if you see someone crying out immediately call for help. >> it's an emergency. it's abnormal to have suicidal thoughts even if someone is trying to get attention. and they are not suicidal just the act of saying it means they need to be seeing someone to have an evaluation. >> reporter: no one following ashley's post that day came to her rescue. a fact that doesn't surprise
6:38 pm
the doctor who says it's common for kids to put the suicidal thoughts online. >> even more than online now, and it's text messaging and it's astounding some kids texas many as 3 or 400 times a day and they are putting their life out there what they used to be consider -- used to be talk about on the phone or online is via text and it's essential that parents are a part of that communication. >> and sometimes you said they use what seemed like suicidal thoughts in a text message or online and that can mean different thims and sometimes it's a test. >> yes. some kids are beginning to feel depress -- different things and sometimes it's test. >> yes. some kids are beginning to feel different things and want to feel someone loves them if they put the signs out there they are feeling like not going on anymore or didn't feel like life is worthwhile and nobody picks up on it it's like well, nobody stopped and it's like well, i guess nobody cares.
6:39 pm
>> reporter: for ashley, this advice is too late but her mom believes her daughter's story is helping save others. she starting to see a number of positives in fact remember that last text from her daughter that once seemed so terrible it is not anymore. >> it gives me peace because i didn't get to talk to her. but she said i love you. and she said i am sorry. experts say the more someone talks or text about suicide the more they can become comfortable with the idea. unless someone stops them. they say it's always better to reach out and help too soon rather than wait to see what happens. for more information we posted a link to the national suicide prevention life line on the website switching gears with the housing market coming back more people are trying to find waying to squeeze a gain out of it. >> how much can you make if you
6:40 pm
want to do the work. the inside line of house flipping on the other side of the break. 
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6:42 pm
looking to make cash? consider a fixer upper. >> house flipers made 30 grand for each property sold in the first half of the year and dc is the place to do it apparently. according to 24-7 wall street realty track the dc region is the fourth best place for flipping in the country. brenda butner has tips. >> reporter: there's great opportunity for investors in the recovering housing markets through house flipping buying a home and reselling it for a profit. according to realty track this year the average flipper made about $30,000 on a single house. and it took them about 100 days to do it. christian becker is the author of flipping confidential and says potential flipers need to have a good team behind them including a relateor financial adviser and tax strategist and ask yourself what your motivation is to flip property.
6:43 pm
>> doing it for tax benefits or to diversify or because you wan the interior designs out. figure out why you want to do it if you need continue to vest money it's great place to do it. >> reporter: becker says if you can't find a good relateor become one. really get your finger on the pulse of your local real estate market. >> there's opportunity everywhere but i always say stick tower own backyard. >> reporter: becker says to look for a good house that's going to be under the inscrutiny of a inspection to sell it. know what you are buying because the home and its costs belong to you. >> count on people to get the opinion who are familiar with houses in the really bad condition if you are buying a foreclosure. what are the steps going to be and what's your budget going to take to make the house shine and get you top dollar when you put it on the market. >> reporter: in new york brenda butner fox news. taking a look outside and brisk temperatures especially this morning around the region. >> yeah. gwen is coming back with the full forecast when fox 5 news at 6 comes right back. stick around. over 75 years of our goverernment employees insurance company,or geico.
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sorry go. >> you said earlier it was a beautiful fall day and it was. perfect football weather. >> deaf if thely and the weaning was great. so, we hope people did get a chance to get outside and enjoy it. and the week ahead is looking -- isn't look too shabby. tonight a few clouds rolling in. that's a beautiful shot of the national cathedral as you can see. we have clouds that are continuing to stream in but it's not going to be all bad
6:47 pm
and not all clouds heading into the forecast. let's look at weather headlines. chilly nights continue. we are not getting much of a break from that but temperatures will be on rise as we move through the later part of the week. we will watch a coastal system as well. and thanksgiving so far is looking like it's going to be great thursday for everybody. our highs today, from 4 to 5 below the seasonal average 55 at reagan national and dulles. 51 at bwi-thurgood marshall and outside right now 48 at dulles and 50 at quantico and same at culpepper. 49 at baltimore and we have got 46 to the west at cumberland and 45 degrees at martinsburg this hour. and lows tonight are going to be once again on the chilly side. we are talking about pretty much around the low 30s or a few areas that will see temperatures a little bit warmer than that. couple upper 30s as well as low 40s. but let's look at radar and i will show you the system we are
6:48 pm
keeping a very close eye on right here to the south. this is a low pressure system that is spec to -- exspbted to start to -- expect to start to push up the coast it developed through here. it will bring rain to the carolinas but other than that, for us, so far, looks like we might get increasing clouds from it. and then it's going to push its way out to sea. so, looks like we are not going to be affected by this as we head into the next couple days or so. let's go back to the weather maps. with that system, we have a ridge of high pressure to the north and that's going to help us get rid of the cloud as we move through into tomorrow and we will start out with cloudy skies but then we will see some partly sunny skies start to pick up. so the ridge of high pressure to the north that system to the south, in between the two we will get a pretty good northeastern flow pushing in across the region. i say a little patchy fog in the early morning hours but other than that not a whole lot happening. monday, mostly cloudy. then we will start to transition to partly sunny skies as some of the clouds start to move out and this
6:49 pm
ridge of high pressure fairly strong and dominant is going to stop this low pressure system from pushing right along the coast up to the north. so that's going give us a little bit of a break from having to see wet weather with it. futurecast showing you as we move through into tomorrow it's spinning off the coast. could see a few showers for central areas of virginia. and then as we head through into tuesday and wednesday period it's still seems to be moving its way off the coast. so it's not hugging it all or pushing inland and heading its way up as we wouldn't want to deal with it that way. wednesday, here's the travel forecast if you getting ready to go anywhere for thanks giving the there areies and rain to the pacific northwest to the south. a little rain for areas of western texas otherwise along southern gulf states we will see sunshine with a few clouds. and showers across the south for florida and as we head up the eastern seaboard it will be dry with just some wind that will pick up as a result of that same system. by midday tomorrow, we are talking 51 degrees with a few clouds and partly sunny by the time we get into the course of the afternoon hours. and it will be a fairly
6:50 pm
pleasant day. 40 for tonight for the overnight low. and a northeastern wind and tomorrow's high we are talk the double 5s kicking in. now here's accu-weather seven dane forecast. fox 5 here's a look at the sunshine pretty m across the board. plenty of sunshine for thanksgiving day which is going to be very nice. we are warming up as well to the low 60s in the end of the week. looks like that will happen another system developing off the south coast mock into the end of the week. but it looks far off to call but a great week look good. >> thank you. the redskins promised to be rejuvenated after the bye week. >> and they r today they delivered on that promise. just ask the eying elogist. scott smith is -- eagles. scott smith is up next with thereds dominating performance. 
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
the three game losing streak stops today and well the march perhaps towards respectability big games for the redskins. i am scott smith. today the move the decisive victory of the season over the
6:53 pm
philadelphia eagles. and robert griffin iii we know he is only human but on days like today, it makes you question. let's show you some of the highlights today. a career formerrance from griffin and well dom back merryweather first game as a redskins and first position the rookie in the first start picked off great game by hall. and hall has real estate in front of him to do work. 23 yard pickup to the eagles nine. or two plays later here's griffin to young. a 6-yard connection and the first score of the ball game. that's griffen's -- griffin a9th touchdown pass of the year and he's far from being finished. fection possession he got harassed intercepted brandon merry weather welcome back. a return of 25 yards for him and he gets down to the redskin 44. and three turnovers by philly. second quarter skins with a trickery. griffin on the fake rolls out and it worked. robinson wide open.
6:54 pm
49 yards for the score. 14-3 redskins it will be 17-3 at the half. in the third quarter he, and this is a third and 14. griffin, he did work with his legs today. rushed for over 80 yards on the ground and goes to the left andpicks up 23 and the first down let's keep the chains moving. three plays later he, griffin buying time all kind of time. santana moss double coverage and moss goes up and grabs it fights for the end zone and 61 yard touchdown and 24-6 redskins not done with the scoring fourth quarter skins adding on griffin to logan paulson. the catch and spins into the end zone and griffin completes the day 14 of 15 nearly perfect. 200 yards for touchdowns that's a career high and a perfect passer rater of 158.3. skins pound the eagles 31-6.>> you have to play the best football in the second half
6:55 pm
andously our backs are against the wall. and we had to come out with a- -and obviously our backs are against the wall and we had to come out with the best offense defense and special teams. no game is ferkt and we will learn from our mistakes but i like where we are at. >> as a team, you know this is beer beer peck text and we will learn from our mis-- per-- as a team we know this is impressive the way we played. >> and if one play probably capsulates the swings that we have had this year it's the 61 yarder. >> i think everybody in the press box you were hysterical we are watching an a you are saying oh no oh. oh, yeah that's pretty good i think that's how everybody at the stadium felt about that play. mike shanahan and some of the players will admit that. let's check out the play from the field level courtesy of stev. williams. skins up 17-6. third and 10 and they strugdeled in third down
6:56 pm
situation -- struggled in third down situations. elevates and makes the catch and he stretches in for the 61 yard touchdown. that gave the redskins a 24-6 lead and it was the play of the game and a little bit of a blur for santana moss. >> kind happened so quick didn't realize the situation and you know what was going on aroundme. just saw opportunity and you know, being that the opportunities don't come often as they used to i try to make sure i capitalize off everyone that comes my way. >> oh no, owe yes one of those -- oh, yes one of those things he made a great play and robert gave him a chance and you know, for guy to come down with that play and robert to have the ability to throw it that far and give them a chance especially with the business that it was it was a great play and very needed time. >> 6 touchdowns in 28 catches? that's ridiculous stats but i was proud for him i mean, you know joust see him being as
6:57 pm
humble as he's deserved that. my hat goes off to him. >> a big play and even bigger win for the redskins they have some momentum going into thursday's game again the cowboys. >> cowboys eked out an overtime win at home against the browns today. so they improve to 5-5 one game ahead of the skins. of course we still have thursday thanksgiving on fox on the docket. how about soccer today. on the pitch another football. united houston missed the conference finals let's start united trailing 1-nil and it's brinko works the give and go to perfection and drives into the box and scores. the tying goal 1-all but despite having more shots and more shots on goal dc united and houston play to a 1-1 draw and houston advances with a 4- 2ing a git goal total and they play the mls cup for the first time in 7 sea hesons. and the skins dropped to 4-6 and now back to you guys on the way back up the standings. >> all right guys. >> thanks a lot.
6:58 pm
thank you that does dos it for us at 6 see you at 10 and the news at 11. >> fox 5 news is always on look for us on air online or access us through the mobile phone. see you tonight. t. [ dollar ] tt's me. l50858544p. but i'm not just a number. i have a purpose. a higher purpose. [ muffled ] have some respect! not good. oh, man. hello? mm, no! finally -- the buck stops here. [ male announcer ] mcdonald's new hot'n spicy mcchicken. tender, juicy chicken with a crispy, spicy coating. at only a dollar, it's spicy, not pricey. but only for a limited time.
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